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In the full version Terraria game, you – just a little man, who falls into the randomly combined in a world where he has to survive in all possible ways. Yes, at first to be a little scared, but left you will be the three most important tool with which you will begin to equip their life in this virtual little world. Use the pickaxe to extract resources and to dig the ax for chopping trees, and the sword to fight the monsters. Here you will be allowed to examine all that you see around you. You can find fossils under the ground, and special resources or trophies, you will fall in specific locations or during the killing of some zombies. As your achievements in the world of Terraria, you will open new areas for research and various useful items.

How to Play:

WASD - to move
E - open / close Inventory or chest
1 to 8 - select tool / item
N - to write on a sign / chest
Mouse - dig / place / attack
T - to talk
Space - lag free mouse click
/ - commands
L - toggle lag prevention
C - open console