Paper Minecraft
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Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft

The Paper Minecraft game allow more time to plunge into the wonderful world where it is possible to extract minerals, and create one unique objects. Go into the forest in search of timber, choose and start to create. The extracted materials bring into the area for crafting. You can collect various items that will be useful for survival. It can be assembled a chair and table from the obtained boards. With the help of the instructions you can to crafting not only of wood but of stone. Do not forget about the food and drink stocks that need to be replenished periodically to be able to do what he likes. Successful building!

How to Play:

1-9 – Select Item.
Click – Mine or Place block.
WASD – Walk/Swim/Jump.
E – Open/Close Inventory.
F – Eat food.
N – Label a sign or chest.
Q – Drop item.
P – Pause/Unpause.
T – Talk/Command.
M – Music/Sounds.
Shift – Sprint.
L – Keyboard Lagging?
E + hover – Open/Close a chest, crafting table, furnace or door!
Space – Drop a single tile from a stack while dragging.