Minecraft Singleplayer

Some third-party level editors such as JPiolho, ZOMG or Omen, allow you to create such maps, which are not common (the default generators are able to create only semi-realistic landscapes). Certain types of Minecraft Singleplayer Online cards became widely popular in the community, such as a flat card, consisting entirely of water (for underwater buildings), hellish landscape or a huge, mile-high trees. Play online for free!

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Info: Minecraft Singleplayer

Minecraft Singleplayer

Minecraft Singleplayer is a sandbox-like game in which you can build. The game is constantly evolving. Feature of the game is that the game world is composed of cubes that use low-resolution texture. By default, all Minecraft maps are randomly generated and can range in size from very small to very large.

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W, A, S, D - movement keys.
Spacebar - Jump.
Q - drop the subject.
E - inventory.
Tab - information about the players.
Left Shift - sneak.
Mouse - selection of the main parameters.