Minecraft Music Memory Game

Everyone must know the Minecraft Singleplayer Game user! A diamond stone extracted only diamond ore and bigger no other. Just as diamonds can be found in chests and mines who have long abandoned. Still, you can look in the village NPC or temple, which is located in the jungle or in the desert. This precious ore is needed primarily for crafting a very strong tools and weapons the necessary every resident of the world Minecraft - Armor. With the diamond can be constructed turntable and also a Enchantment Table. And do not forget that the diamond ore in the game Minecraft extracted exclusively by means of iron or diamond pickaxe.

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Info: Minecraft Music Memory Game

Minecraft Music Memory Game

You like it play Minecraft? Do you like it music on the square world where everything is made of blocks? This evening you’re alone and you must be bored. Then try to dispel melancholy, listening to Minecraft music and find for each pair of identical song! To earn a rare diamond stone, try to guess all the tunes for the least amount of attempts as soon as possible. Play Minecraft Music Memory online game!

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When you click on the musical block, it starts to light up in white. When you click on the second unit, to find the same pair of Minecraft Music - these blocks will turn red if the music does not match each other and green when the tunes match. After a each of music will be picked up the same pair - blocks with these tunes will cease to be active.