Minecraft Diamond Wallpaper
But why give away such a valuable ore for next to nothing - you ask? And that's the point. Diamonds are extracted at the height of 5-16, in an amount of from 2 to 7 (8 comes across very rarely). But the average number of diamond ore at 1 chunk is 2.07! That is, on average, you will find up to 3 diamond! That is the whole secret. However, in the Internet there are many different video clips about the diamonds, and all that is connected with them.
Minecraft Diamond
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Minecraft Diamond

Minecraft Diamond

Diamonds – without them, can not do any one player in Minecraft. All frequently dream of new diamond armor of enchanted to level 30 diamond picks and a beacon of diamond blocks. Why? Diamonds – is a rare ore in the game after Minecraft emerald (which is absolutely no use to anyone), which are made of the most durable tools, weapons and armor. Also, they are used in devices that traps and lighthouses.

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