Minecraft 2D

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Info: Minecraft 2D

Minecraft 2D

The Minecraft 2D game is character building for people with creativity. Of the blocks you can create anything you want, from a small house with a backyard to the big castle. To clear the area of unwanted accumulations of you and create a new on your own. Unique, beautiful worlds to explore. A lot of blocks to accommodate. Create your world! Examine the game locations, add them to their own unique elements, destroy, create, simply put, feel like a god. The game allows you to feel the atmosphere Minecraft!

Minecraft 2D 4.36/12 (87.27%) 36 votes

How to Play:

1-9 – Select Item.
Click – Mine or Place block.
WASD – Walk/Swim/Jump.
E – Open/Close Inventory.
F – Eat food.
N – Label a sign or chest.
Q – Drop item.
P – Pause/Unpause.
T – Talk/Command.
M – Music/Sounds.
Shift – Sprint.
L – Keyboard Lagging?
E + hover – Open/Close a chest, crafting table, furnace or door!
Space – Drop a single tile from a stack while dragging.