Lava Race
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Lava Race

Lava Race

Try to get a parkour map of the game like minecraft, overcoming all the obstacles using jumps. This map can be found as parkour across the lava and Climbing to a height. Learn skills of parkour, because one wrong move and you can have all failed. Just mess around and have fun for now! What is the essence game? In general, the game can be compared to the Minecraft in which you want to build a world with blocks. In this game, the same task, which is to construct by all blocks. Even the characters are made using blocks that are simply huge and typical for a modern gaming industry.

How to Play:

W,A,S,D to Move.
Mouse to Point, Aim, Fire.
Space to Jump.
Shift to Sprint.
Hold Space to Jump Higher!
Shift + Space to Long Jump.