Minecraft is a game, which is popular all over the world due to its simplicity and stroke of genius. Minecraft has long become a benchmark for all indie-games, because there it is all according to your fantasy only, and the game does not limit you anyway!

Day by day Minecraft becomes known to increasingly number of persons, and our web-site is designed so that community of gamers always keeps track of all events. GamesMinecraft.org you will be able to find breaking news, to familiarize with innovations, added to the game, as well as to play Minecraft online free of charge.

Game development has started by one person only, Markus Persson or Notch, and travelled quite intense and impetuous way.

If you like adventures, battles with enemies and monsters, open game world without boundaries, Minecraft is just what you need. In this game, you can live out your ideas. Availability of multiplayer mode will allow you to play with your friends, with which you can build incredible structures.

No matter how often this game is changed, its sense and idea are always the same: everything consists of blocks. Yes, absolutely cubic world, block on block. Earth, grass, stone, clouds, sun, animals: everything consists of cubic blocks, big and small. But don’t be scared, there’s no need to dramatize. Rather, you will get used to such world order much faster than you think, and you will like it very much. You can play Minecraft online via our website free of charge and registration directly in browser.

Unlimited creative potential of the game is not to say that all world beauty presses gamers. The fact is that game world is generated at random and… infinite.

Landscapes, which are created in Minecraft, are really splendid. By placing thousands of blocks, the literal computer code creates forests, mountains, oceans, jungles, ravines, bogs, caves layer-by-layer! Like Mother Nature, it easily and on a giant scale creates those things, which are difficult for human to create. In addition, the code makes it endlessly and incessantly: when the gamer approaches the edge of the map, the generator creates new piece of world online. Stay with us and the whole world of Minecraft online game will be in your hands!